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  • September 26, 2021
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(Originally posted September 4, 2006)

This is my first post about a new piece of utility software that I’m working on. I’ve tentatively named it PSP Companion, and unlike most of the other PSP software out there for video, images, and music, this one is for managing web articles for offline reading on the portable device.

It’s a Windows-only application, written in C#, which means it uses the .NET framework. You can download that here.

Here’s the link (40kB) to download my application. There’s no installer yet; just the application. It will create a file called ‘settings.txt’ in the same folder that it runs from. When you run it you will see a screen split in four pieces. The left half is the hard drive section. The top is the list of web pages on the hard drive folder you are working from. The lower half is a web preview of the page if you have the Preview button turned on. The right side is the PSP section, with the list of files at the top and the web preview at the bottom. You can move files between lists using the Move buttons, and you can Delete with the Delete button. Whenever a file is moved, a new ‘index.html’ is generated on the PSP side which indexes all the articles.

To ues the index articles on the PSP, make a folder under the PSP folder on the memory card for storing articles. In the web browser, set up a favourite to the index page and there you go. Any questions, leave a comment.

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